The Need... and a Vision to Fulfill It...

Play is a fundamental aspect of childhood. Playgrounds are laboratories for children’s development, where the neurological framework, which is the platform for their intelligence, is built.

Research shows that one in twenty persons will experience a disability in their lifetime. In southern Delaware, several thousand children who are not institutionalized have some form of physical, cognitive or sensory disability which limits their opportunity to use traditional playground equipment. This matters because play is a fundamental part of a child’s development and an important way children learn to navigate the world. Experts in pediatrics and early childhood development note that through play, children develop their language skills, decision-making abilities, social interation strategies and physical, sensory and cognitive strengths.

Real play happens in the minds of children. A child’s perception of the play space is a combination of the real space (the physical environment) and the imaginary world they create while they interact with other children.

The Can-Do Playground at Milford is a unique public playground for children and families of all abilities in Central and Southern Delaware. It was designed for use by children between the ages of two and twelve; although it also appeals to older children, parents and grandparents with disabilities to enjoy with their families.

This unique playground was being developed by Rotary District 7630 Area 4 Rotary Clubs in partnership with the City of Milford and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Boundless Playgrounds TM provided technical support and design support for the project.

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